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by alleviating suffering and survival.

and build the future!

with tools to support children's emotional

balance in a disturbed environment.

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Beyond these emergency responses and well defined actions, Appel Fondation contributes to the emergence of projects selected for their potential to build the future and not just to support the present time.

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An Ashram-Farm in India

Appel Fondation supports the project of an Ashram-Farm to help orphaned children and abandoned women in India. This project has been perfected through time based on contacts that were created between Claudine Pinet, our project manager in Asia, and Puna resident Ayurvedic physicians, including Dr. Mandar Bedekar, Dr. Sachin M. Serpoddar and Dr. Mahesh Patil who have extensive experience in helping needy and conducting clinical Ayurvedic.

The project consists in the creation of an Ashram-Farm where destitute women will be accommodated so that they can attend to orphaned children living there. The farming of the land will enable residents to gradually become autonomous with their crops. Rooms will be reserved for the creation of a centre for Ayurvedic treatments. Furthermore, international visitors will be welcome to receive Ayurvedic treatments, known for their effectiveness (therapeutic treatments and cures for fitness, rejuvenation, etc.) or to take courses in Ayurveda, thus providing a basis for the funding of the project.

You can take part in the emergence of the Ashram-Farm project in India under several forms:

  • By helping to finance the development of this project.
  • By taking cures and treatments in the Ayurvedic centre, thus indirectly contributing to the emergence of the place.
  • By voluntarily contributing to the education of children attending the centre: teaching them how to speak English, use computers, and master certain techniques or crafts, or any handwork technique offering a business opportunity in the future.
  • By helping with the farming of the land.
  • By making a financial contribution by the fact of temporarily living on the premises, as rooms will be reserved for this purpose.
  • By promoting the project around you: telling your friends and neighbours about this project, especially people who may be interested in travelling to India or in humanitarian projects.

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Project under consideration

May 22 2012 - 4:54pm

We plan to equip remote villages in developing countries with mini-plants for water filtration and purification powered by solar energy.