Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance

Material Assistance to Humanitarian Emergencies and Development

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Our interventions

Here are the recent interventions in this context:

For access to education in disadvantaged areas:
  • Training grant and salary to a teacher in rural Mali (2007-2008)
  • Sponsoring children in Vietnam (2006-2007)
In emergency situations:
  • Help to Tsunami victims in Thailand (2005)
  • Help to victims of the earthquake in Pakistan in 2005 and of the floods in 2010
  • Assistance to victims in Bangladesh (2008)
  • Help to victims of the Haiti earthquake (2010)
  • Support for victims of the earthquake in Chile (2010)
  • Help in the fight against cholera in Haiti (2010)
  • Help to the Japan tsunami victims (2011)
  • Help to the Philippines' Typhoon Haiyan Victims (2013)
  • Help to the Syrian Refugees (2014)
  • Help to the Ukrainian Refugees (2014)
  • Help to the Nepal Earthquake Victims (2015)
In the Prevention of Malaria:
  • Distribution of 400 mosquito nets in Senegal (2009)
Development of international cultural exchange:
  • Participation in the creation of a center for international cultural exchanges in India. (2006)
Support for people in isolated situation:
  • Financing the purchase of a computer and internet connection for a family and their friends and neighbours in Ivory Coast, to develop their communication with peaceful countries (2011).