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Cintilar Association

Day Centre for Children in Brazil

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Day centre for children in Brazil


Philanthropic Non-Profit Association for Education in Brazil (State-approved, Act No. 2140 of 10.09.1997)

The reality in Brazil...

  • In Brazil, about 12 million children live on the streets (International Action Ministries).

The Goals of the Cintilar Association

The Cintilar Orphanage was created in 1992 in São Lourenço in the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil, thanks to the initiative of Appel Fondation and Marilú Lebrun to help orphans or abandoned children find a family and receive an education likely to prepare them for becoming independent, dignified and happy.

Cintilar offers additional support to 50 children and teenagers:

  • School tutoring class
  • Courses in art education (music, theatre, singing)
  • Computer learning course
  • Crafting course
  • Cooking course
  • Gardening course
  • Access to Vocational School for older children
  • Medical and dental care for all participants

Our interventions

Appel Fondation has been participating since 1993 in the support of Cintilar's activities, allowing also the purchase of a larger house to receive more children and to create workshops for teenagers.

Some of the teenagers who were welcomed to attend the activities of Cintilar years ago
are now facilitators who work with newcomers.

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Recent news

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How to support the work of Cintilar?

Your donations will help Cintilar continue its activities. Your generosity contributes to the blooming and happiness of children who are very much motivated in leaving a situation that was very difficult for them.

  • Help to ensure the presence of four educators who supervise the children and the management of the association!
  • Help Cintilar with the purchase of the necessary material for educational activities.
  • Help Cintilar to provide all children with medical and dental care.
  • Help Cintilar to pay for the teenagers' tuitions at technical school.

If you wish to support Cintilar, click here!

All the children express their gratitude to you.
Thank you for offering them a future.

Gift Ideas to help Cintilar to continue its mission for these 50 underprivileged children:

  • 60$ for one year of daily snacks for one child
  • 65$ for medical and dental care for one child
  • 300$ for one year of school tutoring and classes in art education, computer basics, crafts, cooking and gardening (material included) for one child
  • 490$ for one-year studies in a Brazilian Vocational School for one child